3DWarehouse no longer works on MS Internet Explorer


3dwarehouse seems to be empty for IE11 users

Error come from Image base64 that can’t be interpreted by IE

DOM7009: Impossible to decode image at URL : « https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/warehouse/getpubliccontent?contentId=9970efc2-85b4-4353-a5a1-65058585cf1b ».

We embed 3dwarehouse in WebBrowser (IE) and can’t workaround this easily

seems to be an old subject in IE

When calling this in IE or Chrome result is a checkbox(error) in IE and an image in Chrome.

Any advice ?


Seems other people have same problem

And answer is here


To embed: paste the iframe-url of the 3Dwarehouse and use it in your website.

This is not the issue, Jack. The Trimble 3D Warehouse no longer supports Microsoft Internet Explorer at all.
So it is not even a bug.

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Hi Dan,

Thanks for your answer and confirmation of discontinuing IE compatibility on 3d warehouse.
It is for us very annoying while we have thousands of users using it every day

We can understand Trimble position.

For IE users on 3dwarehouse, that would be great to display a message like :
“The Trimble 3D Warehouse no longer supports your browser.
For a great experience, please use Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Safari, Firefox …”

That would avoid our users to have an empty page with no explanation.


Yes, we should be warning you: that’s a bug. Thanks.