Download inoperative 3DW

Anyone know if warehouse is down/broken? I know someone else posted a similar problem a couple of days ago(uploading) but he seemed to think it was resolved. I can get into the main warehouse to download but when I actually click on the item instead of the usual download screen a blank screen with a couple of unrelated and cryptic boxes appear down the LHS with no means of proceeding. This has just started to happen this afternoon, Never had this problem before with SU14. Firefox is my default browser Any help greatly appreciated…Paul

I just tried it and had no problem. What version of SketchUp?

Have you tried clearing IE caches?

Hello Dave. SU Version 14 have also cleared cache but still no joy

You cleared Internet Explorer caches?

Although you might use Firefox as your default browser, SketchUp 2016 and eralier uses Internet Explorer on Windows and Safari on Mac for web based access.

Yes have also just de-cached windows Int Expl. (ver9) still nothing. But have now found a work around by using the load direct into SU tab or saving direct. So it looks as though I will have to forego the preview option from now on but at least I have access that is until Trimble decide to knock ver 14 SU on the head!!. Thanks for your help Dave…Paul

You may try updating to the latest version of Internet Explorer (I believe it is version 11).

Sorry it wasn’t better help.

I have a suspicion it’s your ancient OS that’s the main issue. Can you upgrade IE?

Yes I am pretty sure its the operating system vista. I think it came to the end of the line with IE9 so have limited options.Will just have to live with it. Thanks again all

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My sympathy! You should have updated from Vista (which was a notorious train wreck) to Windows 7 (which is basically Vista with the warts removed) back when you could. Maybe it is still possible? Windows experts, correct me if wrong, but I think Win 7 can run IE 11. Don’t know about Vista.

I’m not expert but my computer at work is running Win 7 and IE11.

I totally just stopped using Sketchup and the Warehouse thing . . I use Linux and Fire Fox down load the Extension and copy to the shared folder and then copy to the windows download folder open the Prefferences in Sketchup and down to extension clck on install extension and browse the download folder in windows and it installs it . . Gave up long ago when it would not sign in kept getting errors . . Saves me time and troubles . . I just have to be on line when I use the extension the first time and it works after that … . Right now have a different problem of sorts to be added else where .

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