3D warehouse not working for me

When I try and open 3D warehouse it says ’ We are working on it…We are completing some maintenance, sorry for any inconvenience.’
Is this the same for everyone else? It happens if I try and open the warehouse within sketchup app or on web browser and has been since yesterday morning. Any help greatly appreciated, thanks.

See this thread from yesterday…

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great thanks

Except the exact same problem exists when accessing 3D Warehouse directly from my browser.

Are you signed in with your trimble ID?

It works just fine for me.

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I am also having the same problem, and have not been able to access 3D warehouse for 3 days now.
The same message pops up for me. I can access 3D Warehouse via web browser but not able to download all models - seems to be inconsistent as to what will work.
Logging out and back in is not working.

Didn’t work for me. Anything else I can do?

I can’t access 3d Warehouse from the app. I can access it from a browser and copy and paste stuff into my model, but I can’t configure the live components already in my model.

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