3D Warehouse down?

Is anybody else having trouble accessing 3DWarehouse in the last 24hrs or so? It just comes up as a blank dialog window, which after a while reports maintenance is being done and it will be back shortly … but that’s a long time ago.

Yes I’m having same problems over here in Aussie

I just checked both through SketchUp and through my internet browser and see no problems. Trimble’s Status page shows everything is working correctly. Maybe an Amazon Web Service somewhere is down?

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same here

What do you mean by “same here”?

it’s back up and running

still not up and running here (UK), so as Dave says, there may be a server down somewhere …

Still down in Spain.

Are you actually using SketchUp 2016 as indicated in your profile? Or are you using the Web version? If you are using SketchUp 2016, the 3D Warehouse isn’t down. It hasn’t supported that version for several years.

oui impossible d’y avoir accès depuis 3 jours

moi je suis sur la version 2020par abonnement et ce ne marche pas depuis 3 jours

Ca marche ici avec version 2020.


Idem Sketchup pro 2021 et pas d’accès A 3D warehouse

J’ai exactement le même problème, est-ce que c’est résolu pour vous ?

Seems to be working for me on Web this morning but still not working on Desktop.

You need to sign out of Sketchup, either from within Sketchup or from your Trimble account. Then close Sketchup and restart it. Then you will need to sign in to your account again and it should all be good.

Running SU 2021 PRO and Warehouse will not launch from SU @ 11:00am PST 2022-03-19

I’m french, Sketchup 2021…3D Warehouse no longer works

Thanks, it run

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