Template file crashed - drawing lost

Hi There,

I was working from a template file for a few hours and then it crashed. Simply forgot to save it as a normal file. I can’t find the autosave file in the normal autosave folder since I did not yet save it as a normal file. Any tips on recovering my lost work?

hello, go to sketchup preferences then in the files tab. open the location set for models and see if you have any autosave_untitled_xx.skp file there.
It should also be shown in the welcome window. If you disactivated it, go the general tab (still in preferences) and tick show welcome window, then restart sketchup

Hi Paul,

Thanks for replying to my question.
I can’t find any file there that isn’t already of any previous project.
So no recovery file to be found unfortunately.

I also searched my folders for files containing the text “autosave_untitled_” but no results.

what about the welcome screen ? If there’s nothing either, I’ll leave it to a macOS expert

You mean that when I start up Sketchup again it asks me if I would like to open the newer version? It doesn’t prompt me that question probably because I did not save it as a separate file first. I even tried opening the same template hoping it would tell me there was a autosave file somewhere but no…

Thanks anyway for trying Paul!

did you follow these steps ?


by the way, are the two first boxes checked ? (backup and autosave)


You’re a life saver. I never used the welcome screen. Probably clicked “no” for showing it when first installed. But now I’m going to leave it on. So it worked! And It did show up in the welcome screen so apparently these files aren’t stored in the usual autosave file location.

Thanks again. Saved me quite a lot of work on a tight schedule.

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For your interest, the location and naming of auto save files was changed at some point. With SketchUp 2020 on Mac, this is the folder that holds all of the auto save files:

~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2020/working/SKETCHUP/RecoveredFiles

They have the original name, which in your case would have been Untitled.skp.


Hello Colin

Can you tell me the path to the folder for storing autosave files in Windows?
SketchUp 2021

well thank you

Hello vladenko, paste this in an explorer window : %LocalAppData%\SketchUp\SketchUp 2021\SketchUp\working\SKETCHUP\RecoveredFiles

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What Paul said. You can copy the text he gave, and paste it into the path field in File Explorer. That will get you to the right place, regardless of your drive letter or user name.

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I have it. well thank you