Recovering unsaved file after crash

Is it possible to recover an unsaved file after a sketch crash?

hello, yes it is, if you have autosaves activated.
recovered unsaved files will load on next sketchup startup. If not, it will also be shown on the welcome screen as “untitled”

If you chose to hide the welcome screen upon startup, go to window > preferences > general and tick “show welcome window” box to bring it back

Thank you, I have autosave activated
but it’s not there?

You may need to scroll down the list of recent files in the welcome window, to get to the recovered Untitled file.

Não consigo acessar meu arquivo sempre que vou abrir aparece a mensagem “unexpected file format” ja tentei renomear, já tentei mudar o backup e ja tentei abrir em outro computador com uma versão mais nova mas não consigo, tem algo a mais que eu possa fazer?

Can you upload the file somewhere so that I can take a look at it?

pode ser por email??

Can you give a link?

me manda o email que eu carrego o arquivo

mandei o link com o arquivo e o backaup

Thanks, I have the files.

Like with many of these problems, I have recovered the materials and components, but nothing in the scene. Hopefully you have some components that include large areas of the model.

Here is the recovered file:

I looked at the components, and maybe the one named restaurante - Vista 3D is most of the model?