Save file is gone



i had a model and i saved it as Untitled. When I make a new model i accidentally save it with a same file name Untitled and my previous model is gone and replace to the new model im working. how to recover it? there is no file with my previous model.


Sounds like you overwrote the first file. I doubt you will retrieve it unless you are lucky enough to find an Autosave file. If you didn’t name it, you would need to look in User>library>Application Support>Sketchup2014>Sketchup>Autosave. By default, these are hidden files, so you may have to make hidden files visible first.

You’re not likely to make the same mistake twice but Day 1, Lesson 1, would be to name your file and save it to a suitable location before you start work. Then either make use of the Autosave feature or get used to hitting Ctrl-S at regular intervals while you work.


The OP is a Windows user. It would seem the aforementioned path is Mac OS X

There will be no Auto-Save file unless SketchUp crashed.

• If you saved the second “Untitled” file only once
• Then the Backup file should be the previous file you seek.

Auto-Save files and Backup files are saved in the same directory as the original model file.
Look for files named Untitled.skb