Saved Untitled file lost

Hi Dear support,

I am just wondering if you could help me find a lost file that contains my 10+ hours of effort. I have a project and a model in Asia region. Yesterday when I opened the model, for some reason the opened file name became “Untitled”. I did not notice the name change from the beginning and kept working on the “Untitled” file for many hours (with regular save), until there was a crash on browser. I refreshed tab and the “Untitled” file was not there in my project. The only model in my project is still in the state from yesterday and the account activity shows that it was last modified yesterday. I cannot find the “Untitled” file anywhere in my account, folder or activity log in any region ( It’s just like all my work has been saved to the “Untitled” file and gone with it.

Did I miss anything or is there any possibility that you could help locate the file from your end please?

Best Regards,

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