SketchUp quit while I was working on an unsaved document

Hi there,

Where can I find my newly started document if SketchUp just quit on me? It is not in “Open Recent”. If I fail to save it and SketchUp quits I lost it forever?


If you have auto save turned on, a ‘recovered’ version of the file should show in the welcome screen. But, as it is going to be named ‘Untitled’, you may need to scroll down the set of thumbnails to find it.

Thanks Colin, my preferences are set on auto-save but the Untitled doc is nowhere to be found. I had to start from scratch but I Iearned my lesson — I save everything from the start now! (did I misspell “learned”? why is it in red I wonder)…

I don’t get red writing with learned. Are you using Grammarly, or something similar?

If you go to Finder, and from the Go menu choose Go to Folder…, paste in this text:

~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2021/working/SKETCHUP/RecoveredFiles/

When you click Go you are taken to the folder where the auto save files are saved. If there is a chance you missed noticing the recovered file in the welcome screen, your auto saved files will be in that folder. If you find one that is of use, move it out to a regular folder, and then open it from there in SketchUp. That will effectively have done the recovery steps.

Nope, not using Grammarly. …Thanks for the tip — I’ll try that!