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(Mac Question) A strange thing has just happened. After restarting my computer, all of my Recent Files have disappeared. Not only are they not in the Recent Files menu, but I can’t find them on my computer anywhere. I have searched for .skp files and nothing is showing up. It is so strange. There are only some very old SketchUp files in my Documents.

I tested the problem by opening up a file from Trimble Connect, made some changes, and saved it on my computer. I closed SketchUp and when I re-opened it, the file was gone.

It makes no sense. (I also just updated to Ventura 13)

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hmmm can you confirm that your sketchup has peen properly installed ? I mean, by dragging the SU foler icon into your application folder ? and that you are not running sketchup from somewhere else, your desktop, or worse, the dmg installer file ?

also, the “recent files” are actually linked to mac os, if you go to the apple menu, then recent elements, do you see anything ?

do you use any backsup system like icloud or time machine ?

indeed it doesn’t.

I don’t know how it would have happened, but are you now apparently in a Guest account? Do any of your applications let you save a document, and the document is still there after a restart?

In System Preferences, look for Users & Groups, and check what level of access you have at the moment.

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Yes, I can confirm that the SketchUp application is in the Application Folder etc.

And yes, they are all listed in the Apple Menu -Recent Items-. But when they are selected, nothing happens. No message – nothing. The same is true if I right click the SketchUp icon in the dock. They are all listed there but nothing happens when they are selected.

No I’m not signed in as a Guest account. I can save in other apps and the files are still there after a restart.

It may need a support call and even a screen share to figure this out. Make sure you’re signed in with your email, then use this contact form to tell support what is going on:

Hi Colin, what’s the latest time we can do this today?

Are you Susan as well?

I don’t work in support, but I think they keep going til about 5pm, so 90 minutes from now.