Nothing showing in recent files list


Having trouble in Sketchup Pro 2015 & Layout on my iMac running 10.9.5

In Sketchup no matter how many files i have been opening none of them show up in my ‘recent’ menu…likewise in Layout - nothing in ‘recent’ and no images in the ‘recent’ window on startup

I have repaired permissions many times, wiped plist files and done a complete uninstall & reinstall of Sketchup but still no change

What am i missing :frowning:

That’s an Apple thing. In System Preferences->General, check your Recent Items.


You’re a star!!
Never thought about the system preferences as everything else i use seems to be ok

Many thanks :smile:

Hi Barry,

I have the same issue in SU Pro 2017, but I don’t have an option in Preferences, General to check my recent items. They do show up if I open SU and go to recent files on the drop down ‘file’ menu, but not if I right click on the SU icon on my dock. This has always worked for me before SU 17. Any ideas?

kind regards, Sally

Hi again, I’m now using SU 18, and whereas at first I did get my recents on right clicking the SU icon in my dock, it now seems they no longer appear. I know it seems a minor issue, but it is frustrating as I have to open the files I am working on via file manager, which takes a lot more time.
I note that there are 10 files which show in recents (dock icon) so I have changed the option to save more via system preferences, but that hasn’t saved more. There are less in Layout, but again, none of my recent files show.
I’d love to find a fix for this…thanks if you can help

I’m going to assume from some of your words that you are on a Mac, but I don’t know what macOS version or what hardware…

Please fill out your profile information (click your avatar at the upper right of the forum window, then click the little gear icon at upper right of the popup, and finally choose Profile from the list at the left). The effect you are seeing could depend on which OS version you have or your specific model of computer, but nobody can tell when your profile is blank!

I don’t have a sure-fire solution to your problem. It’s possible there is a bug either in SketchUp or macOS. But here are some observations about what I see on my Mac.

Have you tried the old-time cure-all of rebooting the system? Sometimes a cached list can get corrupted and other than arcane commands in the Terminal window a reboot is the only way to heal it.

I’m running SketchUp 2018 under macOS 10.13.3 High Sierra on a mid-2012 MBP Retina. I tend to use the File->Recent Items menu in SketchUp rather than the list in the right-click Dock. But when I try the Dock list, I see a different (typically longer) list. It is as if macOS is keeping lists for SketchUp and the Dock separately (or perhaps like SketchUp is keeping its own list independent of macOS). The list in SketchUp seems “smarter” in the sense that the one in the dock includes files I have since moved or trashed. SketchUp’s seems to have purged such dead files from its list. I haven’t found a way to force them back into sync.

I also notice that the list can “overflow”, that is, when it fills to the max set in Preferences->General older ones are forgotten. If I then move or delete some files, the list does not refill with the older ones (not surprising: forgotten is truly forgotten).

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your reply, I have now filled out my profile, I thought it was already completed but obviously not!

I have rebooted, which I do from time to time anyway, and this has brought my last few files into the ‘recent’ files on right click on the dock icon. So thanks, I know how to sort it now if they are missing.

I prefer to use that way as to use the recents from File/recents, SU first opens up a new file each time which I have to close. Is there a way to stop it automatically opening a file when launching SU? I’ve looked in preferences but can’t see a way.

Thanks for taking the time to answer, kind regards, Sally

I don’t know any way to stop SketchUp from opening a blank file when it is launched by itself rather than by double clicking a file or from the most recent list in the dock. Sorry!

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