SKU Pro 2017 not seeing files saved in Pro 2016 version


I just purchase the 2017 version, upgrading from 2016. I have a number of files saved in 2016 and cannot get the 2017 version to even see the files, they appear grayed out.
Not sure what the solution is. Anyone had this issue before?
Can you help?


Did you install SU17 by r-clicking on its installer > select Run as administrator?

Edit: @DaveR pointed out to me you are on a Mac - after I forgot to look at your profile. On Windows, your error seems like a file permission issue. Now isn’t the corresponding test to clear up file permissions on a Mac to trash the plist files for SU?. Instructions to repair SU.


Where have you saved the SKP files you’re trying to open?


I just realized I had done a very Homer Simpson duh! The files somehow were saved to a different folder than the one I intended and wanted SKU to open from.
My thanks and apologies to catamountain and DaveR for your answers!
Hopefully my next posts will have a more solid and intelligent basis…


@rafeman seems to have found his problem, but for the record…

No. For multiple reasons.

A plist file captures user preferences, but does not control access permissions to folders or files. The permissions are managed by the OS itself.

Also SketchUp uses completely separate plists for each installed version. Removing 2016’s plists won’t affect 2017 or its ability to read files created by older versions.

The help pages are for a complete removal prior to a clean reinstall of the same version. Just as Windows exe’s can leave cruft behind in the Registry and the user’s %appdata%, Mac apps can leave behind plists that aren’t cleaned up when the app itself is removed.


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