SU Make 2014 - recent files list not updating


It has occurred more than once that I have created a new drawing, saved it via “Save As…”, and then exited SU, Then the next time I wanted to continue editing the drawing, my most recently used file does not appear in the list of recent files in the “File” menu. I have to use “Open…” to load the file (it does appear in my work folder).

Only after I open it for rthe first time using “Open…” does the file name appear in the list of recent files.

Why is my “Recents…” list not updated to show the file name in position 0 (newest file) after saving a new drawing?

This is not a serious problem, but irritating nonetheless.

I am using SU Make 2014 on a Widows 10 PC.


Is this newish behavior or has it always been this way? What happens if you use Save instead of Save as… when you save the file? Is it any different?

Is there a reason you are still using SketchUp 2014 Make? Do you still have the installer for it? If so you could try repairing the installation to see if that changes anything. It could be a Windows permissions issue. Right clicking on the installer and choosing Run as administrator followed by choosing Repair would be the correct method.

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I only have as far back as 2015 installed, and it seems to add my newly save as file to the File recent files list.

SketchUp did not support Windows 10 until initial release of 2016.

Why not update to Make 2017 ?

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I only noticed this behaviour recently after I created new files using “Save As…”. Previously I never paid attention to this. I might have used “Save”, but for a new file I generally use “Save as” the first time I save it, not “Save”.

Now I created a new drawing to test using “Save” instead of “Save As…”.

Now I did the following:

  1. When I launch SU, before opening any file, the list does not show both the test file nor my last work file.

  2. After I open the test file using “Open”, it does appear in the “File” menu recents list; my last work file is still missing. I close SU.

  3. I relaunch SU. Before opening any file, the list still does not show the test file nor my last work file.

  4. Now I open my last work file via “Open”, and it does appear in the “File” menu recents list; the test file is missing. I modify the drawing, and Save I close SU.

  5. I relaunch SU. Before opening any file, the list still does not show the test file nor my last work file.

  6. I open my last work file via “Open”, and it does appear in the “File” menu recents list; the test file is missing.

  7. Without closing SU or changing anthing in the drawing, I open the test file using “Open”, now BOTH my work file and the test file appear in the “File” menu recents list;

See the attachment with screenshots,


I am still using SU2014 (free) because I use it only at home for home projects. I create 3, perhaps 4, new projects per year, so I cannot justify the prices that Trimble charges for the new programs. SU2014 is perfectly adequate for my usage; I do not need the extra functionality of the subscription versions (or if I could use them, I make do without).

I do not have the original installerfor SU2014, but I found the installer for SU2016 on my hard drive, so I will try to install it to see if it fixes the issue. This will take a while. After do it, I will update this post with the result.

Before I do this, can SU2016 coexist with SU2014, i.e. have both installed, or will installing SU2016 overwrite the installation of SU2014?

Thanks everyone for your replies! :smiley:

They can coexist, and you can try SketchUp Make 2017 as well:

The file recent issue may be a Windows problem. As it’s so easily worked around I’m not sure it’s a big problem. If SketchUp Make 2017 works on your computer, and remembers recent files, I would just stop using 2014.

Well, Colin, if the different versions can coexist, then I may as well skip SU2016 and install SU2017, not so?

Previous to Windows 10 I had Windows 7 on my PC. I don’t remember when I upgraded to Windows 10, nor if this issue started after the upgrade.

As you say, this is a very minor issue, so if SU2017 fixes it, then I have no issue with stopping to use SU2014 (unless you can point to one or more reasons not to stop using it… :grin:)

After I see that SU2017 works satisfactorily, I will uninstall SU2014.

Sounds good. The only reason I can think of to use something earlier than SketchUp 2017, is if you are using a 32 bit version of Windows. Then it would need to be 2016 or earlier.

My Windows 10 is 64bits, so here goes (shortly) with installing SU2017.

While I am here:
I have been using SU-Make 2014 on and off for years. My trial period for Layout 2014 and Style Builder 2014 expired ages ago, so I dont use them, naturally. I only use Make 2014 (free).

The install of SU2017 will, I assume, install all 3 programs. After the trial period Layout2017 and SB2017 will stop working (I do not plan on taking out a subscription), but Make2017 will continue working for free, but with the Pro functionality disabled. Am I right?

After Layout2017 and SB2017 stop working - or even before, as I won’t use them - can they be uninstalled, leaving only Make2017? This will free up a lot of space on my hard drive…

Many thanks!

Except for the (minor) issue I reported in my initial post, SU Make 2014 has been running fine on my Windows 10 PC, at least the for functions that I have used, I can’t vouch for the ones I haven’t used. :nerd_face:

When you run the installer, make sure that you right-click it and choose “Run as administrator” from the context menu.

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When the 30 day trial of 2017 is up you get a mildly confusing welcome screen that suggests you have to buy Pro. But, if you look at the bottom of the window there is an I Agree button. Clicking on that will mean that you agree to only use SketchUp for personal projects. After that SketchUp will work as SketchUp Make 2017.

I don’t know of a way to individually uninstall LayOut and Style Builder. You could go into Program Files and remove the EXEs and support folders to save a small amount of drive space.