Sketchup's Recent Files list - what's typical behaviour?

Can anyone tell me what I should expect to see in my File meny’s recent files list?

Scenario: I have been working on a model, and saving it as I progress…

Then I open version 3 and do some more work and save it as Model-version4
Then close SketchUp…

When I open sketchup the next day, I can see Model-version1, Model-version2 and Model-version3 in my list…but not Model-version4

Is that correct?
Why is it showing the most recent Opened file, instead of the file I most recently Saved or used?

What this leads to in my case , sometimes, is that I open a file that’s not the most recent…then I start working on it and realise that it’s and older version…very annoying.


I think the recent files list is maintained automatically by the OS, not explicitly by SketchUp.

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For instance, if you would save a collection of in model components, the list would populate with a lot of useless information as well, don’t you think?
FWIW, Trimble Connect can keep track of all activities in a set up project :slight_smile:

No if you’re saving using the Component Browser or right-clicking a compinent, I wouldnt expect that to be added to my recent files list - just models that are saved using the File > Save or File > Save As command.

Relying on the OS method is a bit basic, if that’s how it’s supposed to work.
What’s the point of a recent files list that doesnt include the file you most recently used?? Aren’t you supposed to be able to launch sketchup then open the most recent file to begin modelling?

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I haven’t seen this that I know of, but your statements seem correct.
Also the “recent files” menu item is different in every program (on my Mac at least). Some programs have a short list, some programs have a list that goes on and on. Some have organizational options. Possibly some programs don’t have this menu item at all… Couldn’t this function be up to the developer?