Recent file list diplaying incorrectly

I am using Make 2017 and am experiencing an issue with the list of recent files. If I open Sketchup and work on variety of existing projects, when I go to “File”, all the projects I have opened in this session are listed as recent files. However, if I close Sketchup and open a new session, the recent file list reverts to the list of files displayed when I opened the previous session. I have tried the repair option but that made no difference in the behavior of the recent file list.

Is this something that just started or has it been happening for a while?

Are you still using Windows 10 as indicated in your profile? I understand that the recent files list is a system thing so for instance switching to Windows 11 might be able to break it for an old application. Just thinking.

It has been happening for a while but I’ve been ignoring it.

Still using Windows10. My PC isn’t upgradeable to 11.