SU Version 22.0.353 only seeing 10 most recent files

Im on SU Version 22.0.353 on Mac M2 OS Ventura Version 13.0.1
and when I goto > File > dropdown list - Open Recent > it now only shows the 10 most recent files but in the past it would keep adding to that list, anyone know how I can fix this ?

On Ventura, open System Settings, scroll until you can see ‚ÄúDesktop and Dock‚ÄĚ in the left side list, then scroll until you can see ‚ÄúRecent Documents, applications, and servers‚ÄĚ in the right-hand panel. Its value is a selector where you can change this parameter. The change may not be evident until you quit and reopen the app and also open enough files to reach the new limit.

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You are the Best ~ Thank you!