Sketch up files lost after MacOS Ventura update

Hi Sketchup pros, I recently updated to MacOS Ventura and all my previous sketchup files that I stored on icloud have disappeared. I went through the process of deleting Sketchup in the WebCache file and re launching Sketchup. A few files came back but not all. I have searched my icloud and nothing. I have hours and hours of work lost…please help.

This sounds like an iCloud issue, not specific to SketchUp, as SketchUp is not itself aware of iCloud. I suggest you search for help on Apple forums to find out if loss of files is a known issue when migrating to Ventura.

There are many reports of damaged SketchUp files when they are saved on any remote server, so the recommended practice is to save locally and sync to the cloud later when SketchUp is not running. But this is the first report I’ve seen of skp files missing entirely.