Where are Autosave files stored on a Mac?

I just fired up my new (refurbished) running Ventura 2020 Mac, updated to SU 2022 and set up Time Machine for backing up. Time Machine seems like a good “snapshot” tool for going back and retrieving entities inadvertently deleted.

I also set my autosave to every 10 minutes but for the life of me can’t find their location. Please help!

The autosaved files should be in the same folder as your working file. The autosaved files will have the form fielname~.skp. If SketchUp needs to create a recovery file in the event of a crash or something you should find that in ~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp/SketchUp 2022/SketchUp/Working…

By default, the Max OS hides a user’s Library folder- probably for some noble reason like preventing us from fiddling with things that are easily broken.
You can reveal it by holding down the option key while selecting the Go menu in Finder. It will be in the middle of that menu list.

The files are where Dave says they are, but, if they are needed, they are also shown in the Welcome screen. If you successfully close a document, or close SketchUp ok, those auto save files are removed. It’s when the system or SketchUp crashes, that those files will still be around when you reopen SketchUp. At that time you could open one of them from the Welcome screen, and not have to dig through hidden macOS folders.