Windows 10 update has deleted my sketchup model!

Hi all, I was just about finished on my latest SU model (about 4 days worth of work) when Windows abruptly restarted. I had been getting warnings about the re-start but had forgotten about it. I hadn’t saved my SU file (was leaving the autosave feature to do this for me). Now I can only find the model that I first saved after an hour or so of the model. Am I right in saying that the Windows update has really deleted this model or am I just not looking in the right places on my pc?

When opening the .skp you should be prompted if there is an autosave that’s newer than your last saved version. If not you’re SOL I’d guess. Relying on Autosave is never a good idea, You might want to chalk that up to experience

For what reason did you not save your file every now and then? Is it because you just forgot about it, or because you also think that saving a large file takes tou much time?

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Yes, a bit of both I guess! I suppose I’ve become complacent with the autosave feature. I always save at the end but while I’m in the ‘modelling frenzy’ I just leave it to SU.

Yep, tried that, not there. A big learning curve I guess.

That’s not the way it works.
The auto-save file is merely a temporary file on the system.

The only time the auto-save file is saved to disc (permanently) is when SketchUp closes abnormally.
Closing abnormally would be when SU crashes or stops responding and you force it to close.

Otherwise, the auto-save file is automatically deleted the moment SketchUp closes.
I believe an automatic restart is unlikely to preserve the auto-save file.

See this post:


I forget to save, too… maybe I need to sell these shirts…


How about making a New Years resolution to name and save your file at the beginning before the frenzy takes over?


Oh Definitely, annoyingly I did save at the start but then went into overdrive for a few days without saving what I’d done. I have nearly drawn most of the model again (its taken me all day) but much faster second time round.

You know what helps with this issue? Dozens of people watching your screen, telling you to save.


Absolutely! Maybe there’s a marketing idea. “Do your best modeling while people are watching and trying to talk to you.” It’s probably a good thing you don’t have two way audio set up.


Haha, i’ll save, i’ll save!!

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The recovered files are not deleted when SU closes. SU will prompt the user to delete a recovered file, but they aren’t silently deleted when SU closes.

Just to clarify: The topic title is a little misleading here.

Nowadays habit to blame the “windows update” respectively. For sure there is a good reason for this.

But in this particular case nothing to do with it… the “Windows 10 update” has NOT been deleted the model.
Even the windows update process has been warned you ( I think several times) to save your work. You have been ignored that.

However, I’m really sorry for what happened and I guess what you’re feeling … :disappointed_relieved:

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Just catching up on this topic. When Windows does an update there is usually a restart step, and at that time there is an innocent looking offer of “restart anyway?” ifs some apps are still open. At that time the apps that were open are quit, and the restart happens. I’m not sure if Windows force quits the app or finds a gentler way to quick the app.

In a sense it doesn’t matter much. The last auto save copy of your working file will be in this folder:

%LocalAppData%\SketchUp\SketchUp 2019\SketchUp\working\SKETCHUP\RecoveredFiles

It would be worth looking in there.

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Well, at least I am sure you second model is an improvement on the first :slight_smile:)

Monty Python The bright side of life

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It looks like you have ‘Back Edges’ turned on in the ‘Styles’ toolbar. Uncheck this box and you shouldn’t see the lines anymore (as in second image).

Yep, nothing like having a dig at Microsoft eh?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Needless to say that I saved the ■■■■ out of my second attempt! :rofl:

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Thank you, I tried this but nothing there… :thinking:

Defo, much improved and a lot faster (second bit through desperation!! :joy: :joy:)