Windows10 Update Has lost 3 days of AutoSave!

I am really quite angry. 3 days of work is completley gone. All the AutoSave & backup features of SketchUp have failed to recover a single days work. How can an AutoSave file not update the backup copy of the file?
Talk about a deterrent to consumer sales. This has to be at the top of the list for Trimble & company. Or should I blame Bill Gates for shutting down SketchUp to make an Update on the Win 10 OS???
Again, how is it that AutoSave doesn’t update the backup file?

Ive wondered where my autosaves are… Found one in a folder other then the SU install folder or my project folder. Have you searched the entire HDD? Also, backups are labeled as .skb files. And yes… windows10… hate it.

Searching restore to before last update. Win 10?

Restore point doesn’t affect the documents. I’ve returned to the restore point that caused the file regression but the files are still 3 days old. It still doesn’t explain why AutoSave in SketchUp only saves a temporary file that doesn’t up date the backup file in SketchUp. The last .SKB file was over a month old! I don’t get it, why are they talking about cloud back up when they can’t even backup to the system file properly. Sorry but that is all on Trimble & company. I am furious!

@Heinz, Are you saying simply updating the OS lost all your changes?

Please note, backup is a copy of the last save and autosave includes the incremental changes from the current modeling session. An autosave file is kept only if SketchUp crashes, however, it is deleted if the save is successful and the backup file is updated with the latest version of the saved file.

When was the last time the file was saved from inside the SketchUp and when was the OS updated? Can you post the entire path where the file was last saved?

Yeah, about 3 days or 9 hours of drawing is gone. Win 10 Alerted 2 times critical update not performed. I hit update now, not knowing that AutoSave wasn’t updating the backup file. Never hit save or save as, in 3 days. It’s an expensive lesson to learn because you’d think that the geniuses of the world would actually have a real time AutoSave script by now. It reminded me of costly lessons with AutoCAD back in Win XP on a 486 machines. Horrible really. AutoSave & Backup Copy should mean exactly that but alas it’s only wishful thinking even today. No .skb Period??? A month older than the .skp???
Don’t know how the save to file path can help C:\Users\Heinz Stapff\Documents\15 AVE. DE LA RIBERA very simple system folder & like I said the .skb file was a month older than the .skp not to sound an AutoSave backup feature. No telling how their planning to backup to the cloud or a DropBox file at the same time. Maybe another 5 years down the road?

Still, after about 30 years of PC use and technical progress I keep thinking that there exist a couple of things that I am better at doing than my computer and one of them is deciding what of my work is worth saving and how many versions of a project I need to keep. I don’t think that the simple calculator sitting on the corner on my desk can do that or be trusted with it. That is why I always turn off all autosaves in all applications I use, and have developed a relatively constant ctrl-s tic to my left hand. I am as fallible as anyone so occasionally I have lost a half an hour or fifteen minutes of work but I would never dream of working three days without saving, not even a couple of hours.

Network connections in our internal network are something that I grudgingly accept but connections over the Internet are absolutely not to be trusted with critical data - you are going to lose data sooner or later over time. I save locally and copy things over when finished.

As to making updates to your computer, the normal thing is to shut down all other applications while that is happening, and not to wait for mr. Gates to do it. Even he would normally offer you a dialog with an OK button to press when it is OK to restart your computer.

Just my opinions. If you don’t like them, I can pretend to change them.


This is why I use Dropbox.

All of my models get saved to a Dropbox folder. That way, I don’t depend all of my work on a single machine or hardrive.

At first I was afraid that saving to Dropbox would created problems since I even use two different computers but save to the same folder in Dropbox. But I’ve never had a problem.

Try it, it’s brilliantly effective and backs up your work.

(Now if you do this for a living though, I would recommend you back up your work somewhere else in case of the rare case that the entire Dropbox system get’s wiped.)

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Yes Rick, I used Dropbox on all my devices on the same account. It created so many duplicate files it was off the hook. I had to take the Dropbox program off all my devices & use the browser to upload files individually. That was another annoying incident this year. I had all the devices with a separate folder on Dropbox that backed up automatically nearly every folder on each device. The problem then became sharing the separate file with other devices. When Samsung’s original 15 GB free Dropbox (the original tablet account) expired it placed me in deep do do! I scrambled for over a week to delete not only device files but Dropbox files just to get it under control. I’ve decided to backup on Dropbox only the internet for sale files & any architectural projects drawn in programs like SketchUp & AutoCAD files & rendered images. None of it is Automated, it’s all done through browser uploads.

That is not the issue though, AutoSave & Create Backup/ .skb file should be automatic i.e. every 15 minutes?

Save As Copy to Dropbox is a manual process since sharing a folder on a device tended to overload the Dropbox folder & device folder with duplicate files that did the opposite of getting onboard storage space reduced! Wasn’t that the original ideal of ‘CLOUD STORAGE’?

Theory is that: once a week all files are uploaded to Dropbox for backup replacing the older version to reduce storage space accumulation & duplicate files. The other theory is that Win 10 Update is once a month after all programs have been saved & shut down. All theory, as ‘Critical’ Updates that include spy & malware updates are basically every third day! So the Automation offered by computer technology has become redundant as it leads to massive storage space build up through duplicate files & program AutoSave temporary files are useless in reducing this un intended bloat.

Yes Anssi, hitting Save every 15 minutes is the answer right now, the question is why is it necessary today when AutoSave & Create Backup are on? A month or so ago I could go to my model folder & see 6 or 7 .skb (backup files) being generated with 15 minute AutoSaves. Them being temporary files that are deleted on reboot is the problem, their gone & no longer saves the archive of backups on the same file? Deleting the older .skb files manually only becomes the problem when they are not temporary files & the model folder is backed up to the cloud & other system drives & the storage space is bloated. It’s built in storage space bloat! Saving the last .skb file on reboot seems to me to be the solution so the last .skb & .skp file are not lost even on immediate power failure? Basically, only the last AutoSave .skb is not a temporary file? It doesn’t become one until the next AutoSave! It’s that simple. It’s preemptive scripting at it’s best, why not ask for it from people who are asking you to buy their programs?