Strange Behaviour - Work has Vanished - AutoSave Not Working

Hi Guys

I wonder if anybody can help?

I spent all day creating a simple model of a house from a Point Cloud and saved my work.

I’ve just spent the last hour or more punching doors and windows through the house then stopped for a meal.

When I came back the house reverted to the state it was in before I did the doors and windows and everything else is lost.

I’ve tried renaming the backup but its the same as what I already have.

An hour or so’s work has literally vanished.

Its as if I closed the file without saving it but I didn’t.

Any ideas?


Current State of Model.skp (3.5 MB)

This one?
Current State of Model.skp (3.4 MB)

Yes - I had put doors and windows in plus roof lights. Took over an hour. Had tea and they had vanished.

Very strange?

Its as if somebody hit Ctrl-Z a hundred times.

Is it possible you accidentally hit revert which is in the file menu?

I guess I must have done something daft.

I will try and replicate what happened in the morning.

Cheers :+1:

Could the additions have merged with the mesh and then mesh was deleted out (red line snagged a bit of mesh)?

Sorry for the loss of work - this looks like it may be a case of bad tea.

Now that I have my wits about me, it seems most likely that I accidentally clicked ‘File> Save Changes> No’ on exiting SketchUp.

There would have been multiple autosaves during my work, but I was unable to locate any files with my additional work saved.

Perhaps ‘File> Save Changes> No’ also deletes any autosave files?

We live and learn :grinning:

Yes. That is correct. Well, more correctly, it would revert the existing backup file (.skb file) to the same state it had been before your latest modeling session.

There aren’t incremental auto save files. Just one.

Thanks Dave

So accidentally clicking ‘File> Save Changes> No’ was pretty dumb of me. :hot_face:

I guess that’s pretty much the same as clicking ‘File> Revert’ ?

Yeah, basically the same thing.

Got there in the end. I think SketchUp & Layout are both brilliant :+1: