Error when saving file and now the last save was a day ago

Hey everyone, I need help badly. So I was saving my files but then there was a messaged that appeared I didnt think second of it then when I closed and felt suspicious and tried finding the file. it was missing. My entire day of work gone in an instant. I cant find it no more. It is too much of work done, I cant remember what I did. Anybody knows how I can resolve this?

Do you have backups set in preferences ?
If so there could be an .SKB file with the contents one-step behind. Re-suffix that as an .SKP and open that…
If you aren’t saving locally onto your C drive this can cause glitches like this.
Save it locally and copy the saved file onto some other media or network location…
You didn’t give us much to go on…
How did you try to find the file?
Could you have saved it somewhere else etc etc…

Backup in preferences? I dont think I have set any, but I have the ones if sketchup were to crash and I open the file the recovered file will appear.

SKB files are files that are saved as the last saved files. I dont really need that. I need the latest model which I saved when closing sketchup but the file didnt save there was a message that popped up but I didnt really read it as I thought it wasnt important.

Yes the files are saved in a server not on my local C drive.

I just checked the file there is a check on create backup and auto-save every 5 minutes. So I am not sure what is happening and where is my files. I am asking the I.T. guy to check the server if it might have saved in the server.

Ask the IT guys if the server is regularly backed up.

Server is backed up but theres no save file from yesterday

OMG Just went back in and the recovered file is back. I think because the server was in the midst of backing up so it couldnt show me the back up till it was over. I dont know but I am blessed and thankful for whatever happened.

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