Unexpected File Format recovery

I’m having a problem with server-saved sketchup files that have crashed and on reopening it says “unexpected file type”. The backup file also seems corrupt. Is there a way to recover these files please? I see alot of people having the same issue

@colin might be able to recover at least part of it if you share it here so he can access it.

The general advice is to always save and work on files that are held locally on your computer’s drive and only sync to the server storage. It doesn’t take much of an interruption of the connection to the server udring a save to corrupt a file.

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@colin I’d really appreciate if you’re able to recover any of these files, especially “July 2021” and “07.21” Reading this forum, it seems a common issue with server-saved files, although I’ve never experienced it before. The autosave backup files are corrupted too. I guess I’ll just have to work on files locally from now on: WeTransfer

Auto save files are usually stored in a local folder. Not sure what server related issue could cause the local files to get corrupted.

All of your files are missing a key part of the file. Can you look in this folder to see if there are any more copies of the files?

%LocalAppData%\SketchUp\SketchUp 2021\SketchUp\working\SKETCHUP\RecoveredFiles

Hi @colin, thanks for getting back to me. There’s nothing in that folder at all.
To clarify, all the corrupt files were saved on the server, and my computer crashed and did a restart. After that they won’t open. Any files saved locally to my desktop are fine. It seems to be just an issue with server-saved files

The folder I gave you is where SketchUp saves the auto save files. They are not files that you saved for yourself.

What type of server is it? Does it appear as a drive letter for your PC? What format is the drive?

the autosave files don’t go there for some reason, they just save as .skb in the same folder as where the model is saved. If you rename the .skb file to .skp it also says “unexpected file error”
It’s a NAS server mapped to Y

skb is the backup file. That’s a separate option in preferences.

Thanks for the server details.

Hi @colin have you had any luck recovering any of those models?

When I said this bit: “All of your files are missing a key part of the file.”, I was indirectly saying that I couldn’t recover the files, because of that missing key part of the file.