Unexpected File Format Strikes Again

Hello Everyone!

My very first post. So… probability is high that I’m in the wrong category. Here it goes (fingers crossed).
I’m and IT admin/helpdesk for an architectural firm. After Googling this error before posting, I’m pretty certain it’s the kiss of death for a file- unless a backup exist reducing the amount of time lost.

But. My question, are there any options or processes, cloud check or tech inspection, perhaps a prayer or ritual dance, for trying a repair?
The thumbnail meanwhile mocks us, seeming to show his model at that last save attempt.


SketchUp Pro 2019. The user got this error recently after some tricky steps saving the file - first he got a message it couldn’t be saved to our server after hours of working on it. Weird in itself, perhaps during an autosave? After saving it to his desktop though- which he has done before, he couldn’t open it. Getting this dreaded message with the SKB and SKP files.

Thanks for any feedback!

In general, it is not wise to open files directly from servers or dropbox , Google Drive etc.
You are changing it anyhow, so it is of no use when others are opening etc.
Especially if you have Autosave set and files getting bigger.

The best practice, is to download to the desktop and work from there. When done, upload to the server.

That said, probably, the backup file is corrupted, all ready, to.

Try to look for temp files in the ‘working’ files: