"Unexpected file format." SketchUp Pro 2018

I can’t open a model that I spent four hours on. “Unexpected file format.” it says. My boss is not impressed. Please help.

I’ve already tried converting the .skb backup file and the same thing happened. The boss is saying that loss of billable time makes SketchUp a liability. I need to save this model but I don’t know how. I’ve looked at similar topics, and people were saying that extensions might be a problem. The only extension I have installed so far is Weld.

Did your boss allow you to learn the program, or sent you to a course? Or is he expecting that you do that in your spare time/weekends etc?
You might charge that time to your boss as well. If time is considered ‘wasted’ when using software which, as anything, is bound to fail from time to time, you might blame him for not taking account for that.
The problems you are experiencing could also be related to the hardware that your boss provides, making him a liability

We’ve all been using SketchUp since 2006. Folks here are very good at it. The only change is this 2018 iteration. We are getting frustrated because with the 2017 iteration we lost the 3D terrain toggle in our area. We are nervous. Is this one of those forums where people just troll you?

You could share the file and maybe someone else can try opening it.

There’s little trolling in my observation.

You might try emailing Tech Support and send them your .skp and .skb files (or a link to them on a file sharing site like Drop box or Google Drive), to see if they can be recovered.

Did you also try contacting Tech Support directly?

I will do that now, thanks.

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