Unexpected file format- HELP!

Hello Everyone,

I have been working on this sketchup file for school for awhile and suddenly today I was unable to open the file, everytime I try to open it, it gives me a message “Unexpected file format”, I tried renaming the file to .skp but still no luck. the folder is pretty large it’s 89MB. For some odd reason there are no backups stored also, although the option of backup is turned on. I would appreciate anyone’s help!!

Try logging out and in again. You’re Profile indicates SketchUp Pro, you are talking about renaming a file to .skp (but SketchUp files should be .skp, all ready, so what was it before?
SketchUp for School, Pro ,Free, Studio all make use of the same SketchUp files (.skp) the difference lies in the way they are stored .

I have tried logging out and in and still no luck!

I wanted to verify that there are no .skb (backup) files anywhere on your computer. Here’s a post on places you might fine backup / autosave files: Where Are Autosave Files?

Secondly, are you using SketchUp Pro (on the computer) or SketchUp for Schools (web browser based)?

The Autosave files I have are all .temp, and the one .skb I had would not open either and I tried renaming it to .skp and still no luck. I’m using Sketchup 2018 Pro on my own laptop that I have purchased it for students.

Ok, one more set of followup questions. The file you are working on, is it stored on your local computer or a network share? If it is on your local system, is it in a folder being backed up by a synch software (like dropbox)? Also, if you are using an antivirus, can you share the name of the product? All of these things have been shown, at some point, to be responsible for file corruption.

It’s stored on my local computer and no the folder its stored in is not backed up by a synch software. The antivirus program I have is McAfee.

Ok… so I have another question. Have you downloaded / used any extensions on this model? If so, can you capture a screenshot of your Extension Manager window? Also, would it be ok if you shared your file to a service (Google Drive, WeTransfer, Dropbox) for us to test out?

So because I am not able to view anything on my corrupted sketch up file, I took a screenshot of the extension manager window of a new file I just opened on Sketch up. Before the file corrupted, I was trying to renew my vray license that I just purchased, but it was not working because my Dongle USB has expired and I needed help renewing my dongle USB. That is when my file suddenly shut down and did not open it again, so I’m not sure if this had anything to do with what happened to my file.

This is a link to my shared file on OneDrive, I hope the link works I am unsure how to share my sketchup file.


Looking into it now. I’ll keep you posted.

thank you so much! i would appreciate your help! my assignment is due next week and you would do me a huge favour if you were able to resolve the issue!!

Hi guys is there a fix for this issue? It just happened to me on a file i’ve spent DAYS working on.
The file is an ongoing project which i have been doing at work (SU Pro 2019) and then downsaved to 2017 & opened it on my home PC to work on (SU Make 2017) .

It’s been working fine, no crashes etc until suddenly SU just disappears. Reopening the file i get 'Unexpected file format" and trying to import it into a fresh model I get “File Not Found or Invalid”
There is NO SKB file associated with this.

What makes this very strange to me is that my home PC which I’m using is a fresh install of windows 10 and SU Make 2017. I have all updated drivers (nvidia gtx970) and minimal extensions (just Cleanup and TTLib). I’m working off a local folder.

At the time of the crash i was simply rotating a component - very simple operation that ive done many times with this component/model.

I don’t seem to be able to open the file or anything so its all lost?!

Hello friends.
I am a user of sketchup in Vietnam, I am having a format file Unexpected error, I hope you will help.https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/159iz_JI3dSgML3LYJKr3QUmwdB2pCcOL


This is my email address, I hope you help, that is the project of the company is in urgent need. Please help me. Thank you

Hi Sketchup Team,

I’m having the same problem “unexpeted file format”.
I have tried everything I could (rename, import, check server, check antivirus…) but still can’t solve it yet.

Here is the link of the files and snapshot of my Extension Manager:

Please assist :slight_smile:
Thank you very much!

Hello, did anyone find a solution to this problem?

I just tried to open a file saved 3 days ago, and I get the “unexpected file format” error.
I tried:
renaming skp and skb files;
changing file location to local drive;
opening it o different computers;
opening it via sketchup online;
rebooting computer;
freeing up space on the computer.

Nothing worked. I would be grateful for any help.
file is 160MB. It was entirely made in sketchup pro 2019