Unexpected File Format SketchUp Pro 2018

Hi, I have encounter “unexpected file format”. I have backup files and try to open but unfortunately it didn’t work at all, I have rename it, opened it with new Sketchup 2019, import and renamed with simple name, none of them are works and I also searching from the forum, google, etc. I have done everything I could to find the answer but still all the answer went to technical expert. could someone help me please, I have upload the files just in case someone can help, it took me whole day to find the answer and I need it for next week.

There are no uploaded files visible in your post. Please either upload them directly to this forum, using the eighth icon above where you type your post, or if they are too big to upload here, put them on a file sharing service such as Dropbox, OneDrive etc and provide a link in your post.

Unfortunately, experience is that only a small fraction of files triggering that error can be repaired. Please share them here so an expert can try. Include the backup files and any autosave file if there is one, as they might have lesser or different issues.

Sorry, I thought I have uploaded it, but here’s the file, can someone helping me out of this one.