Unexpected File Format - Unsure how to proceed!

Hi All,

I have attached a google drive link to a folder with various versions of a model that after working on for a week, will now not open / returns unexpected file format. Any help would be greatly appreciated!




It’s usually only sketchup team members that can resurrect these types of files.
So I’ll ping @Barry and @jody to get their attention for you.

Thank you, I realise the reason for the error is that I was saving to an external hard drive rather than to my local drive, but now just seeing whether the file can be recovered or not!

So, the process of repairing a file involves an engineer running it through their developer tools, which I can’t do. I’ve pinged the QA team to see if someone might be able to hop in and take a look. I will caution, in my 15 years here, I’ve rarely seen great results from these past recovering component definitions and always encourage folks to check their backup file. The ideal setup is to always save locally and then have some process backup the file to an external device/location at the end of the day.

Thanks Jody,

Have definitely learnt from my mistakes, just hoping I might be able to save myself a few hours work!

Thanks again,


So, I just talked to Colin and it sounds like the file has been passed along to an engineer.

In the mean time, I checked with support and QA and nobody is aware of an external device causing corruption, so its worth digging in to. Is this just a hard drive next to your computer you saved to? Or what are the specifics of your saving setup?

I believe the issue was that I was saving directly on to my external hard drive rather than locally, and when a bug splat occurred the file crashed but an autosave was not created.

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