Unexpected File Format (can you recover please)

i got the bad Unexpected file format issue can someone help me to recover it? (I tried the other hints change name etc…) It worked fine till i downloaded a brick wall and fence from the warehouse.

Thanks in advance

Link to file


or here


What version of SketchUp? Please complete your profile with the correct version and license type.

If you have tried all these ways but still cannot recover the files. You can just try a data recovery tool which supports recovering files from formatted hard drive. I think you can use the Bitwar Data Recovery, I think it’s useful. Hope you can get back your files soon.

As far as I’ve searched on the forum, this unexpected file format issue is very common problem we’ve been facing these days. I am suffering the same right now and is there a solution for it? Did anybody get a solution with uploading the file? I am licenced pro user and couldnt reach any person to help from sketchup team.

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I am also having this issue with the unexpected file format. I have tried to rename… I have tried to change the backup file to skp and I still get the message. I also tried copying the file to my hardrive to open it locally and that also did not work. PLEASE HELP! I have a deadline and this is a HUGE issue!

I ended up redoing my project and then 2 weeks later I got a response

In my experience this error has almost always been traced back to working with non local files.

Thank you Box, I will make note of that when I have a new project. In the meantime I may have to re-do a ton of work and I’m afraid to close the current file I’m in because I may not be able to open it again. I am currently working locally so hopefully will have no more issues. ~thanks again! :slight_smile:

You can always use Save as or Save a copy and put it somewhere sacrosanct.

It is rare to see anyone get these files fixed, I have only ever seen them fixed by a Sketchup Team member and even then they have said they have been very lucky to fix them.

@DaveR answered you the same day? Your profile is still incomplete …