Unexpected file format Error - I need HELP



I moved my sketchup file to an external hard drive. when I opened the file I got the “Unexpected File Format” error. I tried to move it back to the laptop and I still have the same error. I turned the file from skp to skb but it’s useless. Please help I’ve been working on it since months.


Hello. Can you upload your file here so we could have a look? Either drag and drop the file directly onto the reply section or upload with the button:


Thank you Vahe for your interest to reply. I attached a dropbox link. Hopefull it doesn’t take much time to download. My life is a mess right now. It’s been 3 months working. I appreciate your help.


Hi Menna. I’m sorry to tell you that I was unable to recover the file, even after spending an hour on it. It seems the file is corrupted. Unless the gurus here make a miracle, I don’t think it can be recoverable.

Another thing you could do, is to contact the Pro Technical Support of SketchUp by filling out the form and describing your problem. Since the form has a 5mb upload limit, I’d suggest including the link to your Dropbox file into the Issue Description box.

I can relate to a hard work of months being lost and know how you feel. There is still a tiny chance that others might be able to resurrect the file but also, be prepared for the worst as well.


Thank you Vahe for your effort. I’ll contact the technical support of SketchUp and see if they have any idea. Thank you again for your help.


When you get the “unexpected file format” error it indicates that the file has been damaged in a way that prevents SU from being able to verify that the contents are a SketchUp model. The file format is proprietary, so unlike many other kinds of model errors, the kind folks here can’t even investigate without violating their terms of use. Your only hope is to share the file with the Trimble support staff and see whether they can sort it out - sometimes they can, and sometimes they can’t.


Thank you for your help. I’ll try to reach them maybe there is still any hope