Unexpected file format error - with important file

Hello, i have been working on a file in sketchup and it was completely fine but when i tried to open it next day, it gave me error of “unexpected file format” and if i tried to import it or the SKB file, it gave me the error of “file not found”. The file is 193MB in size and i am using sketchup pro 2017. Please somebody help the file is important and i dont know how to fix it.

For someone to be able even to try to help, you need to upload the file to a file sharing service like Dropbox, OneDrive or WeTransfer, and provide a link to it here.

okae. This is the file link.

I tried recovering anything from the file, but only got a few textures.

When you tried the SKB, did you rename the file to be .SKP first? Do you want to upload the SKB in case I have better luck with it?

yeah sure. Here is the link

i hope it gets recovered.

What was the location of the file? Maybe, the backupsystem has some sort of history?

I did better with that one. Still did not recover anything in the scene, but I did get a lot more materials, and all of the components. Hopefully some of your components include large areas of the scene.

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It was in my E drive and there is no backup folder i checked

Okae let me check and thank u for help

It was not helpful :frowning: