Unexpected File Format SketchUp Studio pro 2023

Unexpected File Format…
Hi there. I cant open file. Can anyone help me?

Maybe. If you share the file. Definitely not if you don’t share it.

Maybe @colin will have success.

Can you also share the .skb file?

Not possible?
No, I cant. Its to big.

You were able to share the .skp file by WeTransfer. You should be able to share the .skb that way, too.

When I try to upload, there is a:
Sorry, the file you are trying to upload is too big (maximum size is 16 MB).

The forum has a limit of 16 Mb but WeTransfer doesn’t. Share the .skb file the same way you shared the .skp file.

To which address?

Do exactly what you did in your second post in this thread.

Not the .skp file again. Upload the .skb backup file.

Dont have it. And I dont understand why. Thats the main problem.
I allready tried with:

  • Open all file format.
  • surch for temp. file
  • try to change name of the file…

Where have you been saving the SketchUp file? There should be a .skb backup file in the same directory.

I never bring a problem to the forum. I usually solve it myself.
Today I finally reinstalled version 2023. Because it wasn’t working well. An infinite number of bugs…
After a whole day of modeling, I save the file in a newer date, close the program, and when I want to open it again, it says:
Unexpected File Format.

The backup file is nowhere to be found. Which is very strange.

Yes. Really. Where did you save the .skp file?

It seems like you are resisting being helped. Maybe Colin will have time to look at your file and will be able to recover it for you.

Im not resisting. But in the file, where is original file saved there is no backup file. Not for this one.

Thanks for the effort Dave.

Why won’t you just answer my question? Where are you saving the .skp file?

Nevermind. It doesn’t matter anymore.

On the desktop.