Unexpected File Format 2021 - File doesn't open

I see that other folks are having same issue as I am and I’m hoping someone can help me open my file.
I use Sketchup pro 2021 and file had no issues until today. This is the original & latest file so I really need this file to open.
Can someone please help?
Link below is to WeTransfer download. Please help!!


I’ve been on other threads that you were able to solve this issue. Would you please take a look at my model? This is original and I’m out of luck if I can’t fix this.
Much appreciate your help and support on this community!

I am going out for a while, but can check your file when I get back.

That will be great. Thank you so much!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get anything out of the file. Do you have a .SKB backup file in the same folder?

I do have .skb file but I couldn’t open that file either. I’ll load it to WeTransfer and upload the link shortly.

Before you do that, you could try renaming the .SKB to be .SKP, then see if it opens.

I just tried that and it gave ‘failed to open document’

It may have the same problem, but I may as well take a look.

Here is link to .skb file. I’m crossing my fingers!!!

Didn’t succeed with that one either.

I will see some of the developers today, and will ask if they can take a look as well.

Thank you so much, Colin.
If I can’t revive that model, I’ll have to put in another 20 hours or so. So I’m really hoping for a miracle. I’ll stay tuned.

The file is missing a large important part, the developers didn’t have any new suggestions. Hopefully you will redo things quicker this time.

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That’s a bummer. Model was working so well, so I’m not sure where things went south.
Thank you so much for checking and trying to revive the model. I typically save multiple versions of models but somehow I accidently moved over the original file rather copying. This is hard lesson learned.

Much appreicate your help & support. I hope you have a wonderful day.

Going forward save your model on your local, internal drive and also publish it to your Trimble Connect storage. This will give you a backup file in your Trimble Connect storage and automatically generate a history so you can go back to an earlier version if you need to.

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I’ve been using sketchup since 2006 and this is the first time catastrophe like this happened.
Thank you for the tip. Going forward, I’ll try Trimble Connect.
Very much heartbroken that this has happened. :frowning:

That’s a very good thing.

I sympathize with you and I hope you don’t have any problems going forward.

Hi @colin, I have the same problem are you able to help? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wsadjmqzerasnQaWenUNJ5r_WiLKeP6q/view?usp=share_link

Can you change the access to the file, so that anyone with the link can download it?

same here @colin… if you could look at it for me that’s be great
original skp Container home.skp (12.2 MB)
renamed skb to skp Container homeskb.skp (12.3 MB)