Sketchup Pro 2020 - Error - Unexpected File Format - Need Help Recovering

Been working on a file for days and was working on rendering in Vray…
File became extremely laggy - so I saved and then closed file.
Restarted CPU and tried to open file and all of the sudden the file will not open?!?!?!?!

Received the “Unexpected File Format” error.
I tried restoring the .skb (backup file) as well and get the same error.

Tried locating the file on my “onedrive” account to see if the backed up file was clean - but it already updated those files to match the corrupt files.

Is there anyone that can help me recover this file?? I’ve read threads and watched videos but nothing will work. I saw someone from Sketchup on this forum was able to recover a similar file for another user… Hoping someone can help me out.

Have over 40 hours into this model. Thank you inadvance.

Could you put the file online and give me a link? There is something that I can try.

Sure the file is currently uploading on my google drive.
Going to take a few minutes - unless you have an email address I can email?


Here is the link to corrupted .skp file…
Thank you very much.

Thanks, I already replied with a link in the message you sent.

No luck. Thanks for trying, but the file is empty…
This is a disaster.

For anyone following along, as often happens the recovered file’s scene is empty, but the Components panel has 423 MB of models in it.