Unexpected file format 2

I have a 50 meg file that suddenly refuses to open, same happens with the skb with the message “Unexpected file format” I tried already renaming the skb file as a new skp without success
I read that I can upload the file to your team and perhaps it could be repaired!
I can send a Dropbox link if I know which email to send it to.
I would truly appreciate your help.
I started with SU in 2008 and never had this problem before.

I recently had the same problem. I searched the solution on various forums and no one could help me find a solution or how to avoid this problem. The most plausible and possible solution I found in forums was: Send the problem and the corrupted file to the sketchup technicians. Some people have been able to recover the files this way.

Thank you Tiago,
I’m trying to find out where to send a link to Dropbox because is a 50 meg file.

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