An unexpected file format

Today I tried opening my file and the only thing that happened was this message of unexpected file format. I tried changing the .skb to .skp and nothing worked.
Can someone help? Or at least, can someone try to recover SOMETHING from my project?

File: Dropbox

Your file opens just fine, if a little slowly, in SketchUp 2024. It does identify and delete a bad group, though. It’s time for you to update to SketchUp 2024 or at least the last release of SketchUp 2023. If you did that you would also be able to open your file.

FWIW, I did my usual clean up on your model. Fixed incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 6_4_2024 , 4_50_42 PM
Purged unused stuff. No need to be hoarding all this stuff.
Screenshot - 6_4_2024 , 4_53_03 PM
Resized some excessively large texture images.
Screenshot - 6_4_2024 , 4_54_12 PM
That cut the size of the file down by more than half.

Oh wow that’s a relief. Could you send the clean up version that you made? Really, life savior.

Here you go.

Saved my full semester lol

Hope you have an amazing day! Thank you again!! ^^