Unexpected file format?!

Reopening a file i’ve poured days into and need finished yesterday and i get the unexpected file format error every time including when renaming and trying to import the skb.

Everything i’ve read seems to be some are and some are not salvageable pretty arbitrarily? anyone able to help?
no running extensions.

Please someone help me salvage this file, so important for work. i’m dying i can’t believe this luck


Hi guys i have problem about my files. It got corrupted after the day when I opened it. someone help me about this. Im frustrated to fix it. Please help me. It is my project and need to pass it as soon as possible. Many thanks to you guys. :weary:
I will upload my file here help me guys.

When is this happening? Are the files being sent through some service or between computers or are they just lying peacefully on the local disk when this happens?

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