Unexpected File Format.

Hello everyone!

I have a problem with a file I’ve been working on for some time. I last saved the file on a Friday, now on Monday I can no longer open it. the message “unexpected file format” appears. I got an auto save .skb a few hours before the last time I saved it. But in two hours much would be lost. I noticed on another topic that this problem is nothing new. And that has been recovered at other times. Can you help me? I would be very grateful.


Tiago Teixeira

I couldn’t open that file either. The error message happens when SketchUp tries to load the file and can’t make sense of the contents, but SketchUp provides no specific information about exactly what is wrong. SketchUp’s file format is proprietary and unpublished, so we outsiders can’t identify a specific flaw or fix it. Sometimes the Trimble developers can repair a damaged file. But be aware that at this time of year most of them are heavily involved in readying the next release of SketchUp so it may be a while before they have time to reply to you.

Thank you very much for replying. And mainly for trying to help me. I’m already restarting the lost work. But still I will wait for a solution. Understanding the problem can help me avoid them again in the future.

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