Ughhh...the dreaded "Unexpected File Format" error

Good morning,

Well, I tried to re-open the file I was working on yesterday and I got the dreaded error everyone hates to get.
The only upside to this is that it was at the end of the day and we had finished what we needed to get out but I am going to need the file to continue to revise the model as needed. I tried renaming the .skb file and that wouldn’t open either. I have already sent the dropbox link to you via the help center but I wanted to send it again, just in case.

Thank you in advance for your help and hopefully you are able to open the file.

Do you have a local continuous back up you can access?

I am checking with my IT now…but maybe you can guide me on where I can find that?
Thanks for your prompt response Dave.

On a sidenote, I am working on a new project model today and cannot save to the server or my desktop.
Not good.

That would be your IT crew to provide, if they have one

Thanks Dave.
Unfortunately, they weren’t able to retrieve any backups and like I had mentioned, my .skb files were even not working.
Were you able to see if you could open the Dropbox model I sent?

Experience is that when this happens no other ordinary user will be able to open the file either. Sometimes one of the SketchUp staff can salvage the file using their in-house tools, but there’s no guarantee. In case you were wondering (as a new member here), no, SketchUp Sages are not Trimble employees, just enthusiastic volunteers here on the forum.

I see SU Sage!
Well…I would be happy if anyone can open the file at this point!
I tried having others in the office try to open it and my IT department was unable to figure it out as well.
It is unfortunate but on a positive note, I have a file I worked on over the weekend that I was able to open so I just would’ve lost the work I did yesterday.
It could always be worse…

sadly, no

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