Recover parts of "Unexpected file format"

Hi everybody,

First of all, I would like to thank you all in this online community for sharing and helping each other, at least in hard-computer times!

I am suffering the infamous “Unexpected File Format” error. I tried everything to save it, but even the auto-saved file is corrupted.

Giving that apparently there is no reasonable way to fix this kind of bug… Is there anyone who can help me recover at least some parts of it? I have read that the great @colin can even save some components of corrupted files. It would be awesome if so. Thank you so so much!

The file is in the following address:

What you have heard turned out to be correct for your file, I was only able to rescue the components. But, the file is the same size, which suggests that almost everything you had in the scene was in a component. That was a good thing, any raw geometry and groups would have been lost.

The file does also include all of the materials as well:

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I wish we could know what causes this error, in order to avoid it in the future. Anyhow, thank you so much @colin ! It was very helpful.

Usually it is saving to a network location.
Where do you keep your files when you work on them?
They should be local, not even in a folder that auto syncs.

In my case, I always work in Sketchup locally from the computer, not usb nor external servers. That’s why it was werid to suffer that problem.

Maybe it is a body of little imbalances. We all know Sketchup can sometimes be a little bit tricky, especially working with external plugins such as V-ray.

Indeed, it is possible for extensions to cause all sorts of trouble, not the fault of SketchUp or Trimble.

Hello again!

Turns out this kind of techinical problem is spreading within my colleagues. It would be very helpful if @colin could try to recover the following file, as I tried everything to open it but didn’t succeed…

Thank you in advance!

Hey @colin I’m also having trouble with a file.
It says it saved the file but when I open, bam! Can’t.
Even the skb has the correct time it was saved but none of the things I built on that day.

Can you do your try using your magic please?

Thank you in advance!

The SKP does have problems, and I only could recover the component and materials, there was nothing in the scene.

But, the SKB is already in good condition. With an SKB, if you ever need to use it you do that by renaming the file from being .skb to being .skp. As you change the file extension Windows will show a warning, asking if you are sure. You might do that on a copy of the SKB, in case anything goes wrong. Once the SKB file you gave me has been renamed, it should open ok.

Thank you !