Unexpected File Format - Help Please! recover please

hi there, my files cant be open, it come out this unexpected file format. i did change name from skb to skp, but it doesnt work on me. so anyone can recover my file ?

The file seems to be missing some important data. Can you think of anything in particular you did right before the file no longer worked?

Also, check this folder to see if there is a copy of the file there:

%LocalAppData%\SketchUp\SketchUp 2021\SketchUp\working\SKETCHUP\RecoveredFiles

Can you upload the .skb file as well?

One of the developers did manage to get the file open. Some materials may come out looking wrong, you’ll have to remake those.

One thing that showed up is that you may be working off files that are on a server. If you are, it may be better to only work on local files, and then copy those to a server if you need to download the file on another machine.

Anyway, here is the recovered file:

can you please help me to recover my file, i also having same issue , my files cant be open, it come out this unexpected file format. i did change name from skb to skp, but it doesnt work on me.

The file has a problem because one of the materials is named:

AZ}X][‘XC’'FGC_Material_____;;;;;;;;BNNN JJJJJJJJJJJMaterial____________63Material63333333_+5_ … JXCR … RE FDMJNMKLJM.0N , 2 … N 99999_9.Color_007550yyyyyyyyyjhu78juhhhhhhhhyjjki89kjoooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii_,_____________,

That causes a problem with 2021 format files. Do you have a recent version of the file that is a 2020 file? If you do, you could rename the material, and then it would be ok in 2021.


no i don’t have the recent version of the file.
can u plz delete that material which causing the problem or can you recover the file because its to urgent.

I see that you contacted support as well. They will create a bug report, and send the file to the developers, for them to try to rescue the file. I don’t have all of the tools that they have.

Thank you for the support. but plz help me to resolve the issue at the priority because monday is the last day to submitt my project to the collage so plz do it fast ASAP.

It would be nice if SketchUp prevented the user (or Ruby API etc.) from assigning a name that is invalid for save/restore or any other action. If SketchUp opened an older-format file and discovered names that are not supported by the current version, it would be nice if SketchUp gave the user a warning and/or automatically changed the name to something valid.

We do have a fix for that in the next update.

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The developers were able to rescue the file. Here is a 2020 and a 2021 version of the file:

It was good of the developers to get your file repaired so it can be opened. It would be a good idea to to fix incorrect tag usage…
Screenshot - 6_4_2021 , 3_44_56 PM

…and purge unused from your model.
Screenshot - 6_4_2021 , 3_45_19 PM

That would make a substantial decrease in file size and improve performance.

Probably too late for you for this project but it would also be a good idea to stay on top of reversed faces. There should be no exposed blue back faces in the model.

mig d (fixed and purged) 2021.zip (13.5 MB)

Thanks everyone to resolve my problem very quickly. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, I am asking for your great gratitude to help me recover my sketchup files, whenever I try to open it, it’s saying “unexpected file format”. I’ve read from here, that you shall rename it or convert it to skb, put it’s not working on my end. I try importing the file too but it’s not working either, it’s saying "file not found or invalid. I am getting helpless, I am only a student, and I need these files to complete my project. I hope you guys can help me. I would appreciate so much.

As usual, I only recovered components, materials, and tags. Here’s the file:

It’s close in size to the original, hopefully you can rebuild what you had before from the components.

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Thank you still, I appreciate it

Seems like my friend has similar problem with the file, can you please help to retrieve? He told me the file was previously saved in different SKP version.

That one seems to be a 2021 format file, which I’m not able to rescue anything from. The file is missing all of the data that describes the geometry.

Does your friend have the most recent version of the file in its older format, that I can try?

What is in common between these various reports of corrupted SKP files? Is there some particular internal SKP structure that tends to be damaged or missing (beginning or end of file, say)?

I know that people have correlated corrupted files with cloud-based storage services. As a professional software engineer in the storage industry, this has always seemed a bit surprising. I would not expect that commercial cloud products would be so buggy as to yield the numbers of problems witnessed in this forum (which implies a much greater overall error rate). Transient network outages should be detected and handled. I wonder if user-actions are somehow contributing to the problems - for example, premature shutdown of SketchUp or the overall computer.