Unexpected File Format - Help Please! recover please

Thank you for fast response.
He just explained he was working with his SKP 2021 on server based file that was previously saved on another PC in the network with SKP 2017. Instead of using ‘Save as’ option, he just saved the file and closed the software without any problem, but then he couldn’t open it again.

If I had that 2017 version file I would try doing saves, and see if it then got corrupted.

Can anyone recover my file too… had this issue and my deadline is in 2 days… Please ASAP.
IDK how this got me into “Unexpected file format”
@colin Can you please try to retrieve my files?

Neither file recovered anything useful. If you go to the file in File Explorer, and get Properties on the SKP, the History tab may have previous versions of the file, if you have that Windows 10 feature turned on.

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The most common cause is saving to a non-local drive, i.e.a network location. First save to a local drive then copy to the network. When opening DL the file to the local drive then open.

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Thanks @colin, I redid all my work from sratch again… phew… Thanks mate.
Thanks @RLGL I will in every project from now on thanks guys! :slight_smile:

Can anyone recover my file too… I got the “Unexpected file format” message too,
@colin Can you please try to retrieve my files?

FIle linke here:


I wasn’t able to recover the file. I will ask the developers to take a look.