Saved File in Sketchup and the model is missing once I logged back in- please help

Before exiting my file, I pressed file-save.

Once I opened SketchUp again to access my file, it logged me out, so I had to log back in again and after I did my file wasn’t appearing.

It’s nowhere to be found on my desktop files and it definitely did not crash so I don’t know where it is.

Does anyone know why this happened and if I can get it back?

Do you know in which folder you saved the file? Was it saved on an internal drive? Can you see a .skb file?

It was saved on my desktop, and I can see an .skb file but it isn’t the latest saved version.

The skb will be the file as it was the last time you opened the skp. It will not have changed since then. As Dave pointed out, the most likely explanation is that you didn’t notice that save was pointed to a different folder than your desktop. Have you searched your entire disk, especially any other folders you had been using recently?

As @slbaumgartner indicates, the .skp file may have been saved to a different location on your computer. Assuming that it wasn’t and for some reason your operating system did delete it, you should be able to rename the .skb to .skp and open it with SketchUp. It might not be the same what you expect is the “last saved version” but at least you shouldn’t have to start over.

Going forward I would suggest that you save the file to a folder like Documents instead of the desktop and also publish the file to your Trimble Connect storage. It’s included as part of your subscription so you might as well use it. It will create a backup of the file that you can access from another computer which would be useful if your computer decides to roll over on its back and play dead.