Not happy with latest Sketchup "Update"

I’m not paying for a Sketchup license so that Sketchup can tell me which browser to use. That’s complete BS. Not keen on them running a local web server on my box either. Or suggesting that I tweak my browser’s security settings so that their app might run.

If this is required for Google sign in, why force it on the users that are using the Trimble sign in?

The built in browser (Chromium) is discontinued by Google, they will not allow other companies to embed it, anymore. Now, Trimble SketchUp uses the systems default browser to login.

You can choose to login with your Trimble account or use the Google account that you used.

Edit: @colin explained it much better then I have, the embedded browser is not discontinued, just the sign in process

And… that doesn’t address the fact that Trimble is installing a server on my box. Nor the fact that they’re asking me to change browsers &/or security settings to manage limitations in their architecture.

All users who can sign in with a Trimble ID have the option to sign in with a Google ID. Google are making a change soon where having the Google sign in within an app will no longer be supported, because the app could trap the key presses the user is making, and then know the password for the account. I don’t know if anyone ever did that, but it is theoretically possible.

One of Google’s suggested solutions is to use a temporary localhost server as a way to present the login screen. Then, your browser looks after the security of the sign in.

The problem that came up with Edge and IE is talked about in this Microsoft article:

The temporary localhost server can in some cases be seen as being an intranet site instead of a localhost. That then leads to errors.

Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, don’t show that problem, but if your intranet settings are in a particular configuration, Edge and IE do have the problem. The work around in our help article is taken from another Microsoft article.

In the meantime, Microsoft appear to have fixed the underlying issue, and in Windows 10 build 1909 I cannot get either Edge or IE to fail, even with the worst intranet settings I try. So, that’s one option, if you don’t want to change intranet settings, and you want to keep Edge or IE as your default browser, updating Windows will fix things.

You may realize that ditching Google sign in would be another solution, and forcing everyone to have a Trimble ID. For the subscription products that might be more feasible, but there are quite a lot of classic license users who have never needed a Trimble ID, so at least for now it seems SketchUp plans on supporting Google sign in.

The idea of having the SketchUp sign in only launching the browser if you have asked to do Google sign in seems like a reasonable idea, but I’m not sure of the complications of doing that. My guess is that it’s a lot less work to use the same sign in code that is used on all web pages, rather than having SketchUp support a Trimble ID specific one. Maybe someone here who knows could add something about that.


Thnx Colin , for correcting me, I have edited my initial reply! :pray:

here is the link to the announcement:

Emmmm in 2020 now sign in will launch your OS default browser and login once for everything (3DW EW etc.)
Also, it log in the SketchUp Web App (free version): saves the day when you’re outside doijg presentation actually.

Plus, Trimble ID you can simply use your existing email to do a registration… just like all apps… simple and straight forward to me