Trimble login

note: moved to mac from windows.

The 3d warehouse, extension manager, and extension warehouse have a login that I did use successfully on windows.

Now that I am on the mac and the version of SU, apparently different from the windows version I was running, tell me that Trimble no longer supports the google mail I was using.

It clearly states this in the log in window. I have used both options ‘continue to trimble sign-in’ and ‘create trimble password’. Neither will send me anything to my email. I have not changed anything on my email and there is no spam mail in that folder. It’s like I put in my email and click the submit and it drops into a black hole.

I notified trimble after numerous clicks to get to a contact us but have not gotten a response after my email back to them with the same photos.

this all worked seamlessly on windows.

These are the 2 screen shots that I am dealing with.

Go to and sign in, with a Trimble ID. If you don’t have one yet, set it up, until you get to a point where you can sign in on the web site.

Then come back to SketchUp and use the same email and password, and it should work.

I logged in and when I clicked My Apps, I get this screen.

Note I am on Safari but the screen shot it says it is not supported. :-1:

If you have a Develop menu in Safari, check the User Agent menu item to see what that is set to.

This is the worse ever. Too many steps to get logged into something that should be easy. Finally someone answered from Trimble, or who ever they are, and sent yet another link different web site - not sketchup. I created a login and was able to login via SU Extension Manager using what I created on that site. Far too many loops in this process. The original help people didn’t help at all and sent me down the rabbit hole.

I agree. I’m trying to sign up for the Layout tutorial and even though I’m already signed in to SU, it’s asking me to sign in AGAIN! Not only that, but it won’t accept the sign in info I use with SU. PLUS I saw where I have a login for SU Forums. And no, can’t use that one either.

Come on SU/Trimble. Quit making it so difficult for the new people trying to learn to use the programs.

I actually received an email from Trimble that said it wasn’t their issue but SketchUP. Hello? I am in SU opening Extension Manager and it’s a Trimble Login window. How is that not their issue? Too many hoops to jump through just to get access. I have no idea what the backend process is and clearly they don’t, otherwise, this would have been a much simpler resolution. I gave screen shots and explicit details.

I hope you get your issue resolved.

Apparently there was a THIRD password needed at some point. So I reset it and got in. However, when I came here to reply I had to sign in yet again, even though I had just signed in to SU campus (which one would think is part of the overall SU website).

So now it appears I have 3 passwords: one for SU, one for the forums and yet a third for Campus (or learn). Ridiculous.

FWIW, the login used here on the forum is a different one than the ‘Trimble Id’.
There are not connected or tied to your Trimble ID.

At some point, all Google accounts where hooked up on a (automated created) Trimble ID and it was only necessary to remember the Google password.

Then things changed, Google wouldn’t let you sign in through their system to have access to the Trimble ID that was tied to that Google ID.

Long time users that once owned a Google sign ‘for all things to SketchUp’ had to make sure they set the password for the Trimble ID that required some more security (special character, number, capital)

You could consider this as being a ‘transitional phase’.

Things will get stricter in the future. Trimble has introduced the new log in with possible two-way authentication on several of their products, already.

SketchUp is a very small part of Trimble, things take time to implement in a large company.
The fact that SketchUp choose to keep the 2017 version alive (instead of forcing to use the Webversion) and that it’s not getting any updates anymore will cause some problems, especially with the continuously updated Trimble Sign in, trying to keep up with the latest updates of browsers etc.

Although one is not allowed to have more than one Trimble ID, according to the Eula, it might very well be that you have created one extra ‘on the fly’ by using either the Apple sign in or the Google sign in, instead of the yellow Trimble Sign in.
Or have multiple email address’s.

Browsers that are set up to remember log in’s and passwords sometimes automatically fill in the credentials and these might stick when logging in on another division of Trimble (or SketchUp)
If you have also installed another browser and it was (accidentally) set as the default, things might go haywire.

In short:
The learn section of SketchUp and the Warehouses of SketchUp only use the Trimble ID sign in.

This forum doesn’t use the Trimble ID but it’s own Discourse ID.

In theory, one could use one password for both, but it is not recommended. (One could use a password app to get a hold and control on them (I might have 300+ different passwords)