Trimble login and Mac/Window install

Hi there, 2 minor questions here.
I have used SU free version before getting a paid SUP21 version
free version used old email address for login through google
paid version account uses new email address but t his one is not working

I can not log in through Trimble site with only my email –
(new email address used for setting up paid SUP account)

When I use google I end up in my previous free account web environment which is obvious because it is linked to an old email address (but I don’t want to use Google)
When I launch SUP webversion from within my paid SUP21 admin account page (which I can only enter through Apple ID) I end up in my free web environment with different (old) admin email address used in account details

I hope you didn’t get lost already. Any solutions for this issue

I’m running SUP21 on a Mac. no issues here.
Can I also download Windows version for windows computer under the same 1 license.
I like to use a certain extension which is only available for windows (abf solutions)
This since I’am a woodworker with access to a professional CNC that adds all the joinery adaptations (seems that ABF is the only extention that solved this within SU)

Looking forward to your reply
Thank you

  1. Don’t use the Apple Sign in, it is probably set to ‘protect’ your email and using an alias for the Trimble sign in.
    Best to open a private tab in the browser and try to log in on on the top right., using the yellow Trimble button.
    Once you have signed in successfully, you can ‘Manage your account’, download stuff, deauthorize devices, etc. (even assign it to your Google email!)

  2. Yes you can, it is not a hardware key. The subscription is tied to your email (=Trimble ID).
    You may be signed in on two devices (but actually can on three) with your Trimble ID. You can use all versions of SketchUp that use a sign in for activation (> 2019), but please note that each sign in in a version counts as a ‘Device’ , actually. Better sign out before rebooting to bootcamp.

Thanks Mike,
disabled apple id login
initially no result until I also disabled this app for the trimble login page
Screenshot 2021-01-24 at 12.53.32 privacy badger
Now it runs fine

and when I launch web version I enter in new license environment = great

So question -1- is solved

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You know by now, I’m guessing, that your old SketchUp Free was under an email with “versatel” in it, and your Pro subscription is under one that includes “liebergen”. So long as you have install SketchUp in Windows and you sign in with the “liebergen” email, it will work.

On the signing in with Apple question, there are options for you about that, but it would only be more convenient if the “liebergen” email was also your Apple ID.

Thanks for follow up Colin. Both issues/questions resolved.
Thinks running smooth :+1: