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Help! I am signed into Trimble but cannot open sketchup pro 2022. I tried logging back out and logging back in multiple times. I was able to use it days ago but I closed it out. And when I tried to log back in the other day it was denying my access. Anyone have answers? I have an assignment due Sunday.

The sign out and sign in you would need to do are inside SketchUp itself, and not directly in a browser. It will open your browser to do the sign out, but you must start the sign out from inside SKetchUp, from the Help menu for example.

What messages do you see in SketchUp that are saying you can’t sign in?

Ok. Well the problem us that U can’t even get into SketchUp itself.

When you signed up you chose the hide my email option. To get signed in you would want to sign out, and then sign in with Apple. Don’t use Google or Trimble.

Colin, is there anything on the sign up page to tell people that if they choose to hide their e-mail they will need to sign in with Apple? Obviously you can’t get everyone to read it but a lot of Mac users seem to create this problem for themselves with that hide my e-mail option. Maybe if there was some sort of warning or explanation it would help.


That dialog box belongs to Apple. I think that we don’t know what method was used, though if the email includes privaterelay we could say something. But at that point it’s too late, we would have to talk them through iCloud settings and other system settings, to get them back on track. The subscription would also have to be reassigned to their normal email address. The admin would remain as the privaterelay address.

Instead, we have this article, that does highlight some of the issues with hiding your email address:

Thanks for the explanation and the link. I guess there’s only so much that can be done on the Trimble/SketchUp end.

Maybe add:
‘If you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t use the other sign in methods’

With Epic, you can use 9 or 10 linked social media accounts.
But it kind of works.

FWIW, the extra step (hide email address) is not necessary when using Trimble services, since they already convert the personal data into anonymous tokens instead of real email addresses.

I’d rather had seen an option to sign in with Azure, instead of Apple.