This device is not authorised. Please sign in again to continue


Like many other users I’m getting the message “This device is not authorised. Please sign in again to continue”

I can successfully log into Trimble and have checked all my licenses and all ok as usual. I get this message at least once a month and I don’t believe I am signing out of Sketchup at any stage. It always seems to happen when I have a design due and is super frustrating and time consuming to trouble shoot. It often eventually seems to start working again but not before I’ve had to spend an hour attempting to log back in.

It has happened on multiple versions of Sketchup so am assuming I am doing something wrong? I have zero clue if I checked ‘hide email’ way back when I signed up for the first Sketchup? I’ve read through the help article on it which doesn’t seem overly clear on how to fix it if you have already done it way back.

Any advice would be helpful. Side note I suck at tech!

First, close all SketchUp apps and LayOut apps.

Than, go to in a browser.

Make sure that when you reset the devices that you have selected the right account and product (eg not a trial or free product)
You might wanna do this for the SketchUp app and Layout app.
Start SketchUp via Finder in the application folder, sign in and then close it again.

The closing part is the most important one on a Mac.

You should be ok to open a model (by double clicking on it or via Finder)

While it’s tempting to leave apps open and just walk away, it’s better to close the App at the end of the day. Upon closing, relevant information get’s written in the logfiles that is used when (re) opening the app.

Mind you, every version of the app counts as a device!

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Hi Mike,

Thank you that appears to have solved the issue! :pray::pray::pray:

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