Device not authorized (Sketchup 2022)

Dear Sketchup-Team,

ever since you made these bigger server changes a couple of month ago we keep having troubles with opening Sketchup reliably. I for example have 2 Macs, one in my office, one Laptop for on the road work. What used to be rather simple - I installed a new Sketchup version, entered my credentials and was good to go for a year (until the next big Sketchup-Version came out) is becoming a bit of a pain. For random reasons I get error messages like “This computer is not authorized” (If that happens I need to completely close Sketchup, Open it, Log out of my user account, Log back into my User-Account - great if you are just starting a customer presentation! (“Yes, yes - I really do own a license of the software, it’s just; one moment…”) or “You are not logged in - we’ll bring you right back”. This happens more then once a week which is really annoying. Somehow your server seems to be a bit more “forgetful” or paranoid then similar implementations of the same concepts from other software vendors (like Rhino to name one). Maybe you could give that implementation a bit more love.

Ment to post this for weeks now but - you know - to busy sketchupping… :slight_smile:

Log info gets saved when closing the app.

So, for you to make it work do this:

In SketchUp, [menu] SketchUp > Quit SketchUp

(Assuming you are signed in)

You are allowed to activate two devices per seat (a subscription plan can have more than one seat), and have a spare activation (in total three allowed sign ins)

But note that each version of SketchUp counts as an activation!

So using version 2021 and 2022 on your desktop counts as two ‘sign ins’, even if it’s the same ‘device’…

If you wanna reset all sign ins, follow this procedure:

Close/Quit all versions of SketchUp on all devices.

In a browser (doesn’t matter on which machine) go to and sign in with the right email address ( the one that you use in SketchUp)
You should choose the account where you see the right Product ( on the left side, choose ‘My Products’)

Then click on ‘View included Apps’ and in the upper left where the SketchUp App displays you can click on ‘Manage devices’

Follow the proc and hit confirm.

The activations or sign ins are now reset!

Upon opening SketchUp, you will need to sign in again and then quit the app.
The login information is now saved and used upon starting a new file or opening etc.
Even if offline for a max period of 28 days.
When you do have internet, it will refresh the login info, provided that you close the app.

Theoretically, you should never have to sign in again, but sometimes, something is wrong with the servers and the log in info might not be right or corrupted.

Then, a sign out and back in would suffice to refresh the login info.

This sounds complicated but I will definitely try that and get back to you. One question - does the iPad - as the youngest member - count as a device? At the moment I am not doing anything with it but of course I installed it and played around with it a bit. Not sure how to fit it into my workflow but I like the general feel of it.

Should it count as a device you should definitely consider a Pro+ subscription or something like that because for all of us with two working machines we would have no possibility to add the iPad to our account. Just wondering.

There are three kind of devices:

Computers (Laptops/desktops, actually ‘version of SketchUp running on that type of device’)
Mobile (tablet/phones)
Goggles (HoloLens/Oculus/etc)

For each device type you will have three sign ins (allowed two, one spare) per Trimble ID.

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Thanks for the explanation! That sounds awesome! :slight_smile: Now I need to buy a HoloLense I guess… :joy:

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