Please authorize sketchup, you are using Sketchup pro on too many machines

I was using SketchUp Pro 2020 this morning and I went back this afternoon to do some work and I am getting a message saying I have too many activations, I need to deauthorize my machines. I was just using it.

I do have one machine in the shop for some major repairs, but is not even on at this time. I am on my trusty MacBook Pro and having issues. I need this for doing some work for a friend.

Please send help ASAP.

Click on Manage Activations and in your account page choose My Products. In the panel for SketchUp Pro, click on Manage Devices. Deauthorize all devices. That will effectively sign out the other computer.

On your current computer, sign out and sign in again, and things will be ok.

Where is the deauthorize All Devices found???

Click “View Included Applications”, then click “Manage Devices” under SketchUp Pro, then click “Deauthorise All”

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Thanks McGordon for that clarification. Kind of amazing that this is not clearly explained in the error message virtually every single user of this product is likely to encounter. The device management stuff is buried.

The extra level of being buried is a recent change.

Please change it back, as device management is way too hard to find.

Gonna put the ask for help on all the threads since there’s no way to reach tech support and we don’t have more time to waste after fighting for two days. I have deauthorized all, kicked all members off, add back, signed everyone out. Literally nothing is working. The only one member can log in at this point on a 5 seat subscription and that’s the owner of the company. Need a fix now or a way to reach tech support directly. Forums are great when you don’t have an urgent need, but this is urgent. Please supply a direct phone number.

I hope you saw my other answer. About the fact that it works for the owner, I think that’s because you did the deauthorizing devices under that account, which would happen to help that user. The other affected users need to sign into this page using the email address the subscription seat is assigned to:

In there they would make sure to choose the company account and not their personal account, and under SketchUp Pro subscription click on View Included Applications, then Manage Devices in the SketchUp Pro box that appears. That will then deauthorize devices for that specific user.

Look for a message from me as well.

Finally got in. There really needs to be better instructions on license management. Or it needs to be run like other subscription softwares. Good grief. Also, tech support phone number would be nice.

Can you say what made a difference?

honestly, I’m not sure. Admin logged in, kicked everyone off membership. Everyone made sure they were signed out. He then deauthorized all (though we now know he only did that for his seat). Added everyone back to membership. Two users were able to get in no problem. I was not, and then Admin was not as well. I logged into Trimble, deauthorized my own seat and am now back in.

However, now one member that was added back can’t get in at all and her trimble account says she has no product access at all. So I’m calling tech support. Because y’all need to help resolve this for good.

this has no effect on the enduser, they need to ‘Manage their devices’ themselves

The email or Trimble ID that buy’s the subscriptions has the role of admin. He can add himself to the members and become an enduser, as well. If not, he can’t see the product, because he has no access to the products and thus cannot ‘Manage his devices’ (because you can only manage devices if you go to the ‘Included Apps’

the Trimble ID might be wrong or not added, at all… If that user is using Apple ID or Google to sign in, it might be directing to another trimble id internally.

This would all be much cleare if we had ‘Admin’ and ‘User’ roles within the AMP
The Admin would just see a list with users and where they are signed in (device macaddress or id)
a little blue ‘x’ behind it to deauthorise that device.

Currently, it is also not clear where you need to ‘Manage your Devices’ in the ‘My Products’ section:
Do I sign out in SketchUp or LayOut? or both… no one knows, really…

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Yes, I’m aware that we all had to individually deauthorize ourselves. We did this. That was finally the fix. Why an admin can’t do it universally is mind-boggling.

We are aware that Admin has to be a member to have access to product. We’ve been using Sketchup in office for some time. No issues until yesterday. Then total chaos with no actual clear descriptions from Sketchup themselves on how to fix the problem, and users are left digging through forums, and even then it’s not clear (trust me, I spent 3 hours yesterday and 3 hours today trying to figure this all out). I deauthorized on every single app that the subscription offers on multiple users accounts to finally get things to work. The struggle leaves one wondering if you need a priest, voodoo queen and a witch to lift the curse.

last user having problems has been resolved. Removed, added back as member. Now has access.

basically, the subscription method needs much better troubleshooting documentation. Tech support numbers are not published and you have to beg for them. From reading multiple threads on the subject, it is clear there are known issues and bugs but no plan to resolve them.

things appear resolved for now. I tried calling tech support but you can’t get through and the auto voice tells you “thank you for holding” with such frequency that you lose your mind and hang up. I think this might be intentional. someone pass the tequila, I’m tapping out.

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I just signed out of SketchUp and started StyleBuilder no problem (pop to sign in, which I did not) but LayOut kept crashing ( crash #9251 to #9256 )

There is no clue of what has caused the crash…

Until I signed in in SketchUp, again…

For the user who saw no products, on the left of that page is a menu, where you can switch between Personal and any company that you also are part of. Switching to the company account should show the entitlement.